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eating in

January 16, 2017 • 3,554 views • 8 comments •  shares

One thing you might not know about the New 2017 Vivy?

She cooks. Everyday.

I know, right. I keep surprising you with my domestic goddess-ness.


Ok but seriously, I found a love for cooking in 2016 and ever since we moved into our new home, I’ve been feeling all domestic-y. Domesticky – what a cute word I invented. Haha. What I love most about cooking is not the taste of my cooking (I’ve served bitter curry before, and burnt chicken.. but you know.. not like they have any other choice…). But it’s the relationships that are strengthened through cooking. When I cook, I am in the kitchen with my helpers and it’s seriously so fun to just hang out with them and fuss over things and if we’re in fact sure if that’s salt or sugar we just put in the soup. And I swear I think they also love it, because we talk and laugh and I like to korek from them any problems that they’re having with their jobs. I always say that helpers who live with you are also a part of your family, so it’s your responsibility to take care of them and make them feel loved too.


the thirteen year old book

January 11, 2017 • 4,821 views • 7 comments •  shares

I forgot to write about the most crucial part of our Ducks sleepover the other night.

Hanaa brought a book. A very important book.

That had so much of our crap in it from school! Haha.

We graduated high school in 2004, it’s now 2017 so this book is 13 years old.


The rest of the pages should never be shown to the public haha.

Oh and the old photos of us in braces and ponytails.

We read through our little post it notes in class and our little doodles of complete nonsense. How we managed to get good grades is beyond me, because it sure seems like we were just talking about boys throughout high school hehe. And how we managed to get boyfriends looking like that… hahahaha.


have you guys visited yet?

January 8, 2017 • 4,810 views • 10 comments •  shares

I have a Media tab in this blog now – I get a lot of emails from university students wanting information of either me or the companies, so since we can’t do single interviews with each one, please do refer to this tab to get information. All my past features are there. Hope it helps!

I usually know when there’s a feature on me in the media, because I would have gone through a shoot/interview with the journalist before that. But the best ones are the ones that completely surprised me. And I usually know the news from my followers, so thank you so much guys!



January 7, 2017 • 5,678 views • 11 comments •  shares

You know who would be the hardest person to throw a surprise party for? Me.

I am the clingiest person ever so it was very hard for my assistant Iman to plan my party in the office. I told her many times not to throw anything big and I hate surprises etc etc, so I thought she had it clear that I didn’t want any celebration. But she secretly planned it with Dean and the girls in the office, and I had no idea how! Because she’s with me ALL THE TIME, and I use her phone to message people or take photos, so that was the biggest challenge. So in the end, I found out how they managed to pull it off. They created a secret group chat for my party and named it “Health & Wellness” .


the national gift

January 6, 2017 • 4,630 views • 10 comments •  shares

Remember when I blogged about the KL dUCk and how excited I was about it? Obviously I thought the world of it, but little did I know it was going to be one of dUCk’s signature scarves. We became known for it and so many inspired versions are out in the market now, but we couldn’t be prouder because we started it first and people knew that. The patriotism that is being spread now is just amazing, and that’s pretty cool.

Since the debut, we’ve not only come up with another city skyline (Singapore), but we’ve also released other colours of the KL dUCk. But never pink. Pink is our bestselling colour, but I just felt like I needed to hold on to it… reserve pink for something special, whatever it could be, I had no idea yet at the time.