dUCk alphabet collection

October 22, 2016 • 114 views • 6 comments •  shares

Everytime I pass a big showcase at the concourse of a mall, I think Wowww this must cost a bomb, followed by Mannn I want to have that someday, it would be a dream come true.

And so one of my dreams came true this month because dUCk had a showcase of our latest collection at the whole concourse of Bangsar Shopping Centre. We initially wanted Pavilion because it made sense since we have the store there (omg I can’t believe I missed blogging about that!), but their available dates didn’t match ours. So BSC would naturally be our next choice since we started off with joining bazaars in BSC and they’ve been so supportive to us.


our 10-year wall

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It’s so much pressure to think of a 10-year anniversary present. I mean, what do you get a guy who you’ve been with for a decade?!! Shoes? A cupcake? Haha.

I’m an open book so I make it reallllll easy for my loved ones to get me presents – I just tell them what I want and hope to God they get it. But Dean? He never wants anything! His idea of a gift is a whole day in the office without anyone disturbing him so he can focus on his beloved excel sheets… or a whole day with his kids laughing and smiling. He’s such a simple guy. Not materialistic at all, very content with his companies, his family, his 5 shirts and 3 pairs of jeans haha. I really hit a jackpot with him, didn’t I?


celebrating our 10 years together

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We were at Hyde Park, so so so in love, even the pigeons were rolling their eyes. He rowed the boat while we went paddling softly in the lake and we made jokes and smiled thinking about us.

10 years later….

You row your own boat, dude.


We are officially 10 years old, me and Dean. Today! We’re in Ubud, Bali now and it’s just soooooo beautiful. It’s been absolutely magical, he got us a romantic private villa away from everyone and it’s just been absolute privacy. But then… we woke up this morning, and he couldn’t stop smiling… not the cute smile, the he he he smile.


post-voice rest

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Wearing Alice white shirt from LANA KL and striped pants from Poplook, at FashionValet.

Ah so happy to be back at work!! I’m still voice-less but at least I’m not headache-y anymore.

Read your comments in my previous post, and I think that interview only took a snippet of what I said during the actual long interview, so it wasn’t a fair representation of how I feel about staff on MC. OBVIOUSLY I’M NOT CRAZY. If you’re really really sick and contagious I wouldn’t want you to come to the office either. But don’t lie and say you’ve never heard of people abusing their MCs all the time. You have a stomachache, go doctor to get MC and someone sees you in a mall having lunch with your boyfriend. I’m an employer, I know that this happens a lot and it’s frustrating because we are all counting on that person to finish up her portion of work so the whole team has to wait. If you’re really sick, then it’s fine, please go and rest. (I’m not such a bad boss ok, I visit my teammates in the hospital and kiss them and all). But I know that some people pamper themselves and exaggerate their sickness maybe a little bit. I know I expect a lot from my team, that’s how I work and how I want them to challenge themselves so I can’t have such manja people around me. That’s just me. That’s how I was raised by my dad, and that’s how I was trained by his CFO who’s a very tough lady. I got scolded by her many times, regardless of being her boss’s daughter and I respect that woman because she un-manja-ed me. I’m not going to apologise for who I am. I’m going to be very unpopular for this and that’s ok.


lost my voice

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So high on drugs now, guys.

Totally lost my voice due to a bad flu (swear I wasn’t singing in the shower) and now am on antibiotics, and 5 other meds that doc gave.

The worst time for this to happen because yesterday I had to give a speech twice at the dUCk Alphabet Collection launch (will share photos soon). I could only do one media interview before I lost my voice completely, so thank God my GM swooshed right in to answer media questions. Note to self: always have a back up person during media interviews in case anything happens to me on the day.